Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As many know AWL went and had their Anti-parasite Treatment Campaign at the 400 dog shelter. We were a great team and with us came the television team from AFN who recorded it all.

It is heartbreaking walking up and down these aisles of cages full of dogs, many sick, some wild, others very old. Knowing that their chance to come out is zero.

I knew we could rescue one, but as always my heart cried when asking myself; "How can I choose one dog among all these eyes, staring, hoping and full of expectations?"

In a small cage, alone was this girl. Approximately 13 years old and had been in a cage since 2003. She is a Govermental dog, but they have stoped paying for her. Her eyes went through my heart and soul, and I ran to Adrianna who is running the place and begged her to give me the girl with the strange body.

Chiara named her Zamira, it was a beautiful name to a wonderful soul. Zamira is having the disease Ascites. Her abdomen is full of fluid.

I took her to Dr Fransesca a wonderful vet at Dr Damiani's clinic. Blood tests are being made.

This week we are going to have an ultrasound to see how her heart is doing.

She is skin and bones (contradictory to her swollen body, but true), but so wonderful and sweet. She sleeps now inside, and has lovely green grass to sniff around and lay on in the sun.

Her back legs and abdomen were very swollen when we got her out from the cage, but after days of walking around, her blood circulation started to work and now she looks better.

Her heart is beautiful, and thanks to donations and sponsors we can hopefully help more Zamira's out there in dark cages. That would be lovely Amore.

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