Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I cried more than usual, and I wipe off my tears quick, I know it wont help anyone. Pity doesn't help feeding or realising them, but it can make me work harder. I get frustrated and angry.

After the car accident yesterday I am not able to carry anything heavy, but the team Todd, Micke with girlfriend Vanessa did. Its so nice to feel and have support, and we stayed there 2 hours. What a great thing to go on with the long weekend after helping those in needs.

Thank you NEX and Anna (Jackie) for donating all the dog and cat food to AWL so we could transport it to Shelter Adriane.

"I was someones pet long time ago"

Last week was I down on my knees begging for help. Now I am down on belly asking for help. Please you can send us a care package with some frontline, goodies, "working toy", it is soon summertime and vacation ...these 400 dogs give them least one...sponsor one of the dogs make sure he gets his medicine and some treats in your name.

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