Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You remember Bella Dobberman, found by Maura and her family of 4 children. Bella was a walking skelleton and with a horrible skin condition. Maura rescued Bella but in her home there was an old Dobberman Millie that thought Bella was a little bit too much to handle. Bella was also talking "Dobberman language" that many of us do not realize is like people from different contries or regions, we are all humans but we have different languages, and sometimes misunderstandings can occure. But Maura didn't give up, she had Bella for eight months and AWL was contacted.We loved Maura and Bella and wanted to do what we could do. First we sponsored with the steralization and then we contacted Martina from Voci nell Ombria who put us in contact with Maria Pia and then Dobermans Angels with warmhearted Nicoletta. Who told us about how their organization works, we were so impressed.

Last week I recieved these wonderful pictures from Elah's forever, loving home. I love how they have doghouses inside their home. What great looking decoration too!
Elah got a new furry friend too.

And a loving mother!

And a little boy to watch after.

What an Amore family! and thank you everyone for the great team work that made this a reality. That's Amore.

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