Friday, February 26, 2010


Lynn (GB) called me and asked if I could go with her and have a look at Sammy (Wishbone) eyes. He is a stray that she feds every day. She even put a collar on him to fool the dog catchers that he has an owner. But the people keep stealing his collar. But Lynn is an "old fox" and stubborn and keep getting him new ones.
He is the sweetest thing, so gentle and polite, and sure his eyes are looking "old" AWL will make an appointment for this little fellow to see an eye doctor Tuesday. Keep your paws.
Thanks to your donations we can make the strays get the medical care they need. That's Amore.

The spring is coming slowly to Napoli and that means riding lessons on content horses. I have to make sure my children knows not to ride on unhappy horses....and it makes me more relaxed than having to inter fear with the owners how to make a horse "content"
But it is wonderful to see children bloom among animals. That's Amore!

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