Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sully and Family

Todd made some fliers last Friday that Sully needed a loving, good permanent home. It was difficult to find any person for Sully since its very hard to adopt away dogs here. Many families already have a dog or two, and then, the competition is brutally hard here since hundred thousands of stray dogs are roaming around, and shelters are over-filled with poor souls. AWL medicate and make them healthier on the street, here are many people that are feeding the strays but cannot afford medicine.

Todd said "Have faith!"
In the afternoon the phone rang. A couple (US) asked if Sully still was looking for a home?
Saturday, we went out to LegaProAnimale were she is in quarantine-- since she is full of worms.

We put a new pink collar on Sully --that Ylva Mercer had donated-- on her and to our delight, she had gained a little weight, too.
Next week she will be going home to Fred and his wife for one week of relaxation and love, then its time to vaccinate and sterilize her.

Later on when there was another email from a person that also wanted to adopt Sully.

AWL want to thank you all for the donations-- that can help dogs like Sully.

We learned a lot from Sully and Todd. The school of Universe is outside yourself where ever you are, it is about listening with all your senses. When closing up, you won't hear anything and your spiritual growing will always be on stand-by.

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