Sunday, June 28, 2009

Street Dogs Grace and Cucci update

Animals Without Limits visits Grace and Cucci. Every day Sengora is giving them water and food. If a problem comes up we solve it, we do not walk away, we do not hand it over to someone else. We have commitments.

AWL's Dr. Inga visited Grace and gave her an antibiotic injection so her swollen wrists will become (are becoming) better.

Later Grace got a cortisone injection that lasts for six weeks. She is doing so much better, and she doesn't have to search after food anymore. Were she lives is a somewhat protected area with a lot of fruit trees around, very quiet and nice. Low amount of traffic in the immediate area, so less chance of being hit by a car.

Dr. Inga also examined Cucci, he is doing wonderfully. He's a big, happy, loving Rottweiler mix, very friendly.

People that know them have seen their changes for the better. It is wonderful to work with committed people. Committed Amore.

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