Monday, June 8, 2009

Several Others Need Help

AWL phone rang, at 08.30. An Italian lady wanted AWL to come and take her 2 puppies, she could not have them anymore. It is very difficult when people want AWL to pick up dogs the same day. AWL is not an adopting foundation and we don't have any kennels or shelter to bring them to.

Then a shelter is calling telling us that one dog is ready to be picked up, and it is 45 minutes drive from me. We ask her if we can meet up half way, the answer is, "No, don't have time!"

Another phone call from a great animal friend, she needs help finding a dog that got hit by a car and limped away probably with a broken leg. The driver, an Italian woman didn't stop.

Afternoon, a phone call from a concerned man. There is a dog in a parco that was being feed by a British lady, but she had returned to the UK two months ago. The dog is a walking skeleton, can someone come and help?

Animals Without Limits is for the moment without money and it is painful to have to tell people that. Maybe it is because it is summer season and people are going on vacations? Or maybe the bad economy is causing wallets to stay closed?

AWL want to thank Ylva Mercer for her donation of dog food, collars, bowls, treats, and brush.

The collar came in handy for Sully who looks great in pink! Thank you for being a loyal AWL friend.

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