Friday, October 3, 2008

Childrens' Best Friend

Sara, the dog in the picture was just one week ago roaming around in the busy streets here in Italy. What you would call "a stray"

We think she is about 9 months old, a German Shepard mix.

She was hanging around outside the dog food store, being feed and loved. Animals Without Limits took her to LegaProAnimale where she was sterilized and de-wormed. Poor thing, she was so full of worms that she had to stay there for a whole week.

Today I picked her up from the veterinarian. She is the sweetest loving dog, and so wonderful to my two small children, and five other dogs. She plays and obeys. I wish I could keep her.

Having a bath wasn't something she wanted, after chasing her around in the yard, Sara and I went into the house, up into the bathroom and in the tiny shower cabinet. There, she was standing still but not happy. Amazingly she didn't do anything harmful, not growling, not biting. I wish I could keep her.

Sensitive, warm and full of Amore. Do you want Sara?

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