Saturday, June 4, 2016


It has been some busy days down in Italy this past weeks.

Animal Friends/volunteers Tracey, Megan and her daughter Sidney flew in from the States to Florence Italy.  It was wonderful to bring them back to Rossella's Shelter again.  The last time they were there, was back in 2009.

Rossella has made big progress with her shelter since they visited last time.  It felt great showing them.  Unfortunately, the dogs' stories are much the same.  Abandoned dogs, abused dogs, and street dogs.  But to see how Rossella has been fighting for them the past 30 years is amazing, and her son and daughter are working a lot with her, too.
Picture, volunteer Tracey Kleber comforting one of the shelter dogs.

Together with Olivia and Max, we went to pick up our visitors  (Tracey, Megan, Sidney) at Florence airport.  Strong winds and heavy rain made it hard for us to drive down from southern Germany, so we stopped at a hotel next to the Milano airport.
                                                                                            Picture;Megan, Tracey, Mia, Sidney, Olivia w dogs. 
Me and my kids love these kinds of adventures, checking out new hotels.  Rescuing doesn't have to be sad all the time.  Its important to involve children, too, so they can see the other side of humanity, but its always important to keep a good balance.

The next day we drove down to Florence airport and waited  for a two hours when we got the news:  their plane (and many others) had been diverted to another airport due to the strong winds.

 --I have to recommend the small restaurant at the Florence airport, simply incredible food.  Unfortunately, they close at 16.00.  I felt sorry for all the people who wanted to eat while waiting at the airport.  That should not happen at an airport, methinks.

The children and I drove down to Hotel Agora in Varcaturo (outside Naples), a family hotel we have stayed at since 2007.  We love to stay there, so much love and kindness.  It is wonderful to come back every time.  And best of all, they support AWL in many ways.

Not long after we arrived came Tracey, Megan and Sidney.  It was great to see them and especially Sidney that we had never met before.  We knew that Olivia and Sidney would get along very well. Megan is a great mother and it shows right through to Sidney.

Picture left, Hotel owner Jennifer her beautiful children together with Mia's beautiful children.
Picture to the right, volunteer dinner at Hotel Agora.

The next day we left the hotel early, to go and join the Appreciation Day on board U.S. Navy Support Site Gricignano  (the "support site").                                                      
                                                                                                                 Picture, Mia, Nikita and Pepsi                                                                                       
The girls and I went to Rossella's Shelter to pick up two siblings, Nikita and Pepsi, 7 months old as well as puppy Lissy, just 3 months old.  We could have them at the Pet Adoption site.  Megan had brought fantastic AWL t-shirts and I became excited and surprised with happy tears when I turned the t-shirt over and read on the back: "That's Amore!" My signature line!!!

Thank you Megan Seibert, I feel so honoured!

Picture below, meeting new great people
T shirts behind donation from volunteer Megan Seibert 

Chris had contacted me earlier about volunteering for AWL.  I wrote back saying we would be at the Appreciation Day, why not come and say hello?  And he did, with donuts (that Max my 8-year old son called "cake-bagels") and sodas.  What a great gesture.  He was (is) a natural, helping out, talking to people, handling the dogs.  Thank you so much, Chris.

Many great people came and visited and new volunteers signed up for upcoming events.
Picture left, Volunteer Max and Nikita

Pepsi and Nikita were fabulous.  I am always amazed that they have been locked in a cage for some months and suddenly mingling around people and being fantastic.  No barking, just laying quiet on the grass and loving the belly rubbing.  But my heart broke when we had to return them to their cage in the shelter.  No one had asked to adopt them!

However, little puppy Lissy had tremendous luck.  Many asked to adopt her.  A family with two young brothers loved her so much and decided to adopt her.  After some hours talking and thinking and explaining, we delivered Lissy to a very happy family.  It felt good knowing this little one would grow up with love and affection, not in a cold shelter cage.

From my heart, thank you to everyone for helping out.  And to you all that came and donated and signed the list, thank you for showing interest in our rescue organisation.

That's Amore!

We cannot do it without you! Your donations help save lives.  You can click on our donation button here to the right side.  Your donation helps another little soul, with castration, vaccination, medical bills and sometimes if needed, surgery.  WE all are there for them!

Food donations!
Thanks to your donations we could buy dog food to the shelter

Thank you Purina for donating some food for the shelter 

Volunteer Megan Seibert socialising the shelter dogs. 

Everyone, thank you for coming and visiting us at the tent, for your love and donations. Thank you, Thank you and last but with a big roll in this charity, Margaret Bollinger for your invitation.

That's Amore!

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