Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday me (Martina) and Chiara where on the Asse Mediano coming back home.
We saw 3 cars stopped on the right side of the street and also in the middle of the street near the guardrail. 5 people were near an handsome german shepard about one years old. He was laying down close to the people.
So we stopped the car and ran across the street to see the dog.
He was fine and sooo sweet! one boy told... us that he was running in the middle of the street. I have never seen so many people worried for a dog.
One younger man was a dog trainer volunteer in a kennel.
After me (Martina) and Chiara also another car stopped and another volunteer.
I had a collar and a leash in my bag.
A woman called the asl (dogcatcher to the horrible shelters in Campania, once you are inside the shelter no way bakc) but I asked PLEASE PLEASE to someone to bring him and I would help to find him a home...then one of the younger men (the one in the pic with the black jacket) said "i will adopt him!" :)
He also got 4 dogs :) 3 female and a male.
Then he said " now I've to castrate him..." so I said that we will sponsor the surgery...

Mia comment; wonderful story from Martina and Chiara. And for AWL that can sponsor the neutering. What a great day with people that work together That´s Team Amore! (All Italians ♥)

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