Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission 2 = Dog Walking

Dear Volunteers and helpers,

Animals Without Limits again needs your help for a “Dog Walking” mission August 1st.

Shelter is well established, having been founded in 1960 and has some paid employees to help clean the shelter. It is one of the best shelters as far as cleanliness, but problems remain. With approximately 500 dogs and an adoption rate at more or less zero, the dogs will live their whole lives in cages. Clean cages, but cages none the less. Many are fairly large dogs --- particularly hard to adopt away, and more in need of exercise and stimulation than their smaller brothers. The people that do come to consider adopting, want well behaved and socialized dogs right away.
AWL’s goal is to assemble some dog-walking volunteers to start socializing and interacting with these dogs. Not only will this help prepare and make the dogs more adoptable, but it will be a great mental “vacation” for the dogs that will help them to be calmer and happier.

I’ll explain more when we meet on Saturday, 1 August. We will meet at my house for a short briefing so we are prepared to have a wonderful day together with loving, curious, excited dogs.

Animals Without Limits looks forward to have you with us, and to accomplishing this noble cause. The Shelter is located in Campania for more info please contact me

Remember, if you need rides, please let us know. director@animalswithoutlimits.com


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