Friday, July 17, 2009

Heartwarming Help

Today I picked up AWL t-shirts and they look great. But I am so thrilled over how many wonderful persons are involved in our projects. Tomorrow Mission 1 starts, the research and at the same time we do the donation food drive. The shelter has 500 dogs, and like I have earlier said, "the adoptions are more or less zero"

I want to thank China (SE), Ulla (IR) Mitra (IT) Himmelska Hundar, and to the Organization Chans (SE) for their generous donations.

Eric came by yesterday with two big bags of dog food and also a generous monetary donation.

Vania is working hard to promote AWL in general and specifically for Mission 2 in August. She even managed to get three huge couch pillows that will work wonders for the older dogs with arthritis.

Tomorrow we will post pictures from the research mission, and see how many bags of dog food we can deliver in our new t-shirts. Thank you all, you give me inspiration to continue with the Missions!

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