Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wonderful People

Last Saturday I met some very interesting people, and it was with joy I sat down and listened to their stories.

One couple had decided to adopt a dog (in the States) and went to a very nice shelter, found a Rottweiler that they fell in love with. A donation fee was asked for, and the couple gladly paid, and they even paid a little more than double the fee. Later they found out that one man could not afford the adoption fee but wanted one particular dog very much. Because of the generous donation from the couple, this man was able to adopt the dog for free.

This is so much Amore.

The family Wyro are a great Amore family, and even the grandmother has donated to AWL. We thank her dearly.

Our friends from Germany visited us yesterday and they brought donations with them; toys, blankets, dog food and money. You are so wonderful, our dear friends.

Bella with her family, thank you again for your donation. Your support means so much to (us) me.

Veterinarian Inga donated to AWL, not "only" her time but also money. Such Amore.

Vittoria, who spent the whole Tuesday morning translating and seeking/research after Oscar's owner. A very frustrating day.

You wonderful people donate and give us help, hope and strength. I love you!

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