Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Journey to Cat Island

Animals Without Limits did something a little different (for us) today. We journeyed to the nearby island of Procida, to treat some of the harbor cats in residence there.

Dr. Inga, recently returned from sabbatical, and I took some Frontline(tm) and de-worming medicine to treat as many cats as time (and the cats) allowed. Dr Inga had been there before and knew that these cats were well fed and satisfied with the people giving them respect. But she also knew they had a need for treatment.

We took the 45 minute boat ride (ferry) over from Pozzouli. A beautiful day, the sea air and gently rolling waves... pure magic! We managed to treat 6 cats. One had lost his eye and it was running around with a big open wound. Dr. Inga and I tried to catch him but had to give up since he was hiding under a boat and fishing material. Dr.Inga will be returning to the island again soon, and will seek out this cat to try again to catch and treat him.

Dr. Inga knew some of the local people and introduced Animals Without Limits, and our mission to them. Raw fish from one of the harbor restaurants was handed to us to make our mission easier (sushi for the cats!).

Maybe 6 cats treated doesn't seem like much, but to those 6 cats, it sure means a lot.

--- The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!

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