Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Result --- Closure to "Hit & Run"

[This is a update to the "Hit & Run" entry below. Please read it first]

Sad news this evening.

The Vet clinic called to say that the blood tests on Franz were not good. He had a very elevated white-blood count, and signs of severe kidney and liver damage. They also believed he had tumors in his organ(s), and internal bleeding. They recommended euthanizing him.

Reluctantly, we had to agree. He was old and with these injuries, his life was going to be short and painful. Still, it was a tough decision.

So sad. No micro-chip. No collar or tags. No owner to call, nobody to mourn him, or miss him.

Later this night, they did the autopsy at our request. Here is part of the email we received from Dr. Friz:

Dear Mia,

...the dog had a bad tumor in the liver and was hit by a car: bleeding in the abdomen, one of the kidneys was completely damaged. Thanks for collecting him and put him out of his misery...


Dear Franz, we are so sorry this was the end for you. But glad you are no longer in pain. Your work on earth this time is done. Bon voyage. Say hello to Morris for us.

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