Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mission: Morris

Bella, one of our wonderful reader, sent in a donation today in Morris' name. She suggested that she wanted AWL to help other dogs with medication on his behalf.

That made me think "what a wonderful idea", a focus area as a memorial to a long suffering soul who really touched my heart well beyond the time I knew him. (And judging from the comments, his plight touched many others, too.) To go on "Mission Morris" and medicate strays to prevent them from what caused Morris' sickness in the first place.

Why does one have to give his life and suffer for us to work harder?
Don' t let us forget Morris, let his work begin through us, to show his spirit that his life taught us something about ourselves and others.
He didn't judge us even for what the humans had caused him.

Morris, my little mini Buddhist! Let us show you that we can change.

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