Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost Project Dog

(This story began 6 September... read below)

The Ipercoop project is not going that well and the reasons are different, and many.

I went back to the shopping center and found out that one out of the three dogs was missing. He was the sweetest and least harmful out of the three dogs. According to the store workers I talked to, he got kicked away in a harsh way, that made him disappear. The other two were still outside the store when I visited, but no sign of the one pictured.

Based on my experience and knowledge, it must have been in a "very not nice way" because "just" being scooped away doesn't make a dog leave his pack, not when you are "just a young dog"

I have been there asking around, but many people don't care, they just shrug their shoulders. One dog among thousands. I can almost hear them thinking, "Come on lady you've got to be kidding!"

My heart bleeds, and it is a lost Amore feeling.

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