Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I admire people which are creative, and at the same time as they are self going, they know teamwork with respect.

It is difficult to find that in the volunteer section without money being involved. Lets face it, most of us need money to pay our bills and have a vacation ones in a while. Or, we don't got the passion involved in our heart-system--or, just being plane lazy.

However, I have noticed that if you give a small percent of your creativity to someone, a lot will come in return. Maybe not from the people/group you help -- well of course all the love in return is not so bad, right?-- but return from other persons that might noticed your work--or, Universe noticed your work.

I realized too, that those persons wanting to do something at the same time reciving something in returned, crashed totally by themselves or, by Universe law of attraction. People that had a back thought. I never had to be worried, since they fall themselves over their own ego.

Now, I love people which think (sexy). They maybe cannot adopt anymore dogs, on the other hand they think what can their skills do for AWL (animals)

Talented Sanne Stenbeck from Stockholm, Sweden, contacted me and made a presentation--see above pictures. Love it!

She and her family are also going to do a Sport "thing" and laid out a presentation about the event and what they thought they could do to get AWL name out there!

1. Presentation of an idea
2. Ask
3. YES
4. Creates until its done, done, done, done.

Did I mention that she also is a talented singer?

That's Amore!

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