Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meeting with Portugal Rescue Organisation

 For the first time I flew to Portugal, Lisbon to meet the organisation that are doing a lot of changes for the animals without a home or stuck behind bars. It was a pleasure meeting them and the veterinarian team behind the changes.
 It was heartbreaking to come to the shelter that is communal shelter. The smell, the cages the sad eyes, the hopeful eyes the hopelessness  My tears came but as I said, 'its not a weakness to show tears as long as you want to do something to change the world'
 This is how they sit for years, alone. A 2 kg rat is passing in between the bars to eats some dogfood. No one goes in to them to pet, only a hose of cold water is being washed in splashing the dogs. No blankets, nothing. On weekends no one.
 I met a homeless dog that belongs to a homeless man. But they are rish they belong to each other and they got their freedom.
 Are these dogs normal in their head after years in these boxes?
 Many are! AWL flew out one girl that had been there for quiet some time. Another young dog that was being abandon by its owner.
 Thank you Mafalda and Raquel for showing me around!
 I flew with Lufthansa and what a wonderful trip back to Germany. So much love for the dogs.
I had Snuffle as a hand luggage and Arischa flew cargo. I was nervous for her. But everything went wonderful.

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