Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Best Teacher Ever

I remember when I was chosen 'The Dog Friend of the Year' by the fabilous Magazine 'Härliga Hund' It was an honor to be in the same picture as my first rescue Hospice Dog, Dicky. He was in a terrible shape, hit by a car and with broken frontlegs,he laid and had to selfheal. Skin and bones, full of diseases but with a strong heart. I found him in a dark wet cage and I carry him out into the sunshine and green grass. We sat there, him and I. I cried when I had to carry him back into the cage but I promised that I would be back. It took me weeks of hard work until I could go back and convince the lady to give me the permission to bring Dicky to my hospice.
Dicky, you taught me so much before leaving this Earth. In my way of seeing life we didn't get much time together....but for you, it was eternal. 
I learned that we people want time, long time ......our fear to give someone more than we would get in return...we cannot stand.
I promise, when you discover the love that a Senior can give will dare to open your heart heart emoticon
That's Amore!

The honor should go to Dicky instead, 'The Best Teacher Ever'

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