Monday, July 6, 2015


When in Italy last month I just had to met the famous well known lovebug pug, Fonzie. 

For 14 years was he neglected from his owners, and left to our veterinarian to have his life ended. They claimed he didn't want to eat and walk. Our vet suspected something wasn't right at all. He put a bowl of food under his tired head, and Fonzie started to eat. The claws were so long that yes, he couldn't walk!!! He cut them and on wiggly legs he started to walk.

Our vet called us and we rushed to pick him up. 

Fonzie is the sweetest little man on this earth. And he looks wonderful now, skin glowing.
gosh how we love him! Foster mom Flavia (Instagram)  @me_i Grazie per tutti🇮🇹