Saturday, April 20, 2013


 I must start to hold up Amy Gardner to the heaven, together with her lovely older children--teenagers. What an amazing base project manager she is--I titled her myself. She creates projects and then presents it to us. All I have to do is approve and she makes everything happen!

 Amy is in charge of the charity bagging at the NEX, a project we do once a month (it has happened twice a month, too). Volunteers help out bagging and people tip. What a fantastic idea!

 One of our great volunteers Lori Garcia....amazing work.

 One of the lovely Funk girls volunteered, pictured with a NEX manager. But thank you everyone that helped out.

Thanks to Amy, we now have the longed-for project "DONATE FOOD FOR SHELTERS" outside the Commissary on the US Navy Support Site, near Napoli, Italy. Everyone that is shopping can buy an extra bag or can of food or even dog treats and put in outside on this trolly.

That's Super Amore!

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