Monday, March 18, 2013


 Monday Love Project!

This beautiful puppy is Bia. She is only 4 months old and will grow up to a medium/large size dog.
Bia and a group of stray dogs lives behind a church close to our volunteers Martina and Pio in Southern Italy.
They go there and feed the dogs and at the same time keeps an eye on them. Last Saturday they notices that Bia stood totally still and her hind leg was "dangling".
Bia was rushed to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco.

Poor Bia has a broken femur, a really bad break. Dr Damiani applied a plaster Bia cannot go back on the road, of course! She need a foster mom or a family that can take care of her forever.
At this moment she is a guest in Martina's and Pio's house.
We need your help to help us help Bia get back to happiness and health. Please we are in big need of donations, for her medical care and later sterilization.

 Please ear mark your donation with the name Bia.