Thursday, January 24, 2013


Mia Mattsson Mercer is being honored by Harliga Hunds Magazine "The Dog Friend of the Year" for her fantastic commitment (work in Italy)

From Mia; Thank you so much Lotta Sj√∂lin Fredriksson for posting and lovely words on my private wall. It was a nice "welcome" home. I want to share my honor with so many, and I am afraid to start mentioning names and probably with my fog brain forget to write someones name. First I want to thank Magazine Harliga Hundar for  putting such a big spotlight on a big problem. THANK YOU for daring being such a flexible interesting Magazine. That's Amore. 

To  journalist Katarina Arnstad who also have a great mind and heart, who listens and understand how important the whole picture is even how bad it is (or strange) You really help making a difference for animals in need. Your pen becomes magic and the message can come out in the light. THANK YOU! 

My animals friends and supporters in Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA without you we cannot exist. Thank you for believing in me and my passion and our volunteers. To every animal rescuer, single person or organization the honor should go to you too. I know how hard you work and how hard it is. Keep the passion flowing, and let the tears give you strength. That's Amore. 

Thank you everyone, Grazie, Tack Mia

PS THE Magazine is out in the Swedish stores.

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