Monday, October 1, 2012


We would like to turn our back to this man who started this shelter spring 2011. For neglecting the dogs, over 40 dogs have died in this condition. Cages full of shit, incests crawling all over the place, water were they are suppose to sleep. Food maybe very six day.

But for the rest of the other 70 dogs we cannot close our eyes.

Different organizations are working full speed to find foster-homes and other shelters for these remaining dogs. But it is difficult. Mean time AWL is making a food collection and Saturday 13th we are a team that will drive to Avelino and help clean and give food to the volunteers that are desperate atfer help. We hope to have our veterinarian with us too.

Please help us help those sweet hearts that are there.

Donations can be earmarked "Shelter in Need" either on PAYPAL, Swedish donation
or Italian account

Food can be dropped off at vet on base or Lago Patria Hospice.

Thank you for not making someone between starve to death because the owner is neglecting. He will not have any money, nor any dogs.

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