Saturday, May 26, 2012


On my knees--I have never begged anyone before-- please consider to help Gus. He will soon die in the kennel. Every day he is loosing weight, he eats but he gets so upset when he gets locked in during night time. He has anxeity. In whole his life 12 years he had his own warm bed in the home he thought was his forever home. He has been in this Kennel for a couple of months now.

I am doing everything I can to find a home and passport is being made. I will be down to Italy June 23

i have never ever let anyone down with my promise but I cannot have this happen to Gus. I will help with the costs I will do everything, please help me. His eyes are amazing and wonderful.

He is great with humans, and other dogs. He snapped (no skin broken) after being very sick. He wanted to be alone but he is doing excellent. Our volunteers were there today and visited him look how happy he is!

Please don't let him leave this earth with a broken heart.

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