Thursday, July 22, 2010


Craig and Tracey Kleber L.A, USA thank you for the care package.

Megan Seibert P.A and Tracey Kleber LA, USA Thank you for the brilliant glowing idea, reflx collars.

And money donations always goes to medicine or veterinarian treatments. Thank you all, like Megan says, "Don't just leave...leave it better!"

Helen Olsson Sweden who won on lotterie and donated all the money to AWL

Rita Schneider and her wonderful mother Anna Napoli Italy.

Luigi's former owner Karl donated a generous amount after hadning the dog over.

Kiera Reilly CA USA China Platou SE, Petra Jordan USA, Tamara Hapikian USA, Tracey Nettles, USA. Carol Amorosi, USA/IT. Herbert Boutwell, USA/IT

Dog food bags Charity Weaverling USA/IT, Robert Morales USA/IT, Rita Schneider IT/USA(also schampoo and treats) and Maureen Irealand/IT (Also donated cat food)

Rita Schneider is also helping AWL with the Italian translation, e mails and letters.
All you are grande Amore, Grazie.

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