Saturday, June 5, 2010


We are in a place where AWL's mind can relax by watching and meeting happy dogs. This is Valentino and Mia, of course, an Italian adonis.

Angelo kissing his "dad" Benny Rosenquist, That's Amore!

Olivia was also happy to meet her Godfather Benny Rosenqvist again and she got one of his books signed, "Ljusfolket", and two dolls. She was in "heaven."

Max was thrilled to get a VOLVO toy car from Benny, and we all enjoyed Friday evening together with Benny (and I am holding his book :-)

Passing a cafe' I saw this gorgeous dog having a coffee outside in the sunshine with her mom. I could tell Peggy is a very happy, content dog. What a difference from where we live.
This is full Amore Sunshine.