Friday, April 17, 2009

Saved Soul, up for adoption

He was close to being hit five times by fast, speeding cars. To save himself, he flew up on the walkway, bumped into a lady that got scared (she didn't see that he tried to avoid a car) and she smacked him with her purse. Scared, he dashed out on the street again, nearly hit by another car.
Enough! We couldn't watch this or find him dead on the street the next day.
No collar. But very friendly, clean and seemingly some one's dog. He wasn't afraid to walk into the house--the other strays are still walking on eggshells when entering the house (leading us to believe he has been a part of a family before).
So, for now, the director is "fostering" this great dog. AWL is not an adoption organization, but when something like this drops in your lap... one does what one has to do.

3-4 years old. Sheltie mix, with perhaps some Spaniel? Male, castrated and micro chipped. He significantly responds to an English accent. He is very friendly, loving and simply a sweet dog. And soooo cute! We are calling him Lui, but you can name him whatever you like.

According to ASL, he was a stray who they caught, castrated and released back to the street. So, even though he seems to be someone's pet, he is up for adoption if no one steps forward to claim him first.

He's been in our director's house now for over a week. No accidents, and very courteous, great around young kids. He is an awesome, loving dog that needs and deserves a home of his own, with an owner or family that will love him forever. You can see his affection in his eyes!

He'll also be posted on, with other available, wonderful dogs in the Naples area.

Show your Amore by giving this loving soul a forever home!

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