Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Sad Day

Today Dr. Inga and I had to drive out to the "terrible shelter".

On the farm before the shelter the employees were having their coffee break, while one of the buffalo's where laying very sick, dying.

AWL had bought 40 kg dog food to the shelter terrible because they were not feeding the dogs.

Pictures were taken, for what we hope a family that wants to adopt her.

It was terrible again, urine in their water bucket. I cried!

1,5 m cages, 6-8 big poop piles and the smell was horrible. This was even worse than before. The dogs were going crazy, they recognised us and wanted our attention "Take us out from here!"
I cried!

Smelly dirty, I thought I had seen it all. And still the dogs are loving and begging for their Amore freedom.

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